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Virtualization and Cloud Computing Services

Don't wait for something to go wrong. Get in touch with Vigilant Technologies to cover all the bases of your IT infrastructure—and more.


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Your Goals = Our Goals.

You tell us your priorities. We show you the server virtualization strategies, software, and affordable business continuity plans that will get you there.

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Knowledge into Action.

What should your company put into a cloud and what should you keep in house? We offer data-drive insights to optimize your current infrastructure.

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Making Remote Truly Work.

What happens when your systems are exposed in unprotected, remote workstations? That's not something our customers worry about.

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To improve your IT infrastructure, you need to see the big picture.

Some things need a fresh pair of eyes. But we don't just look at what's broken—we identify everything that can be better. Vigilant Technologies has been building dedicated, on-premise and off-site cloud infrastructure since the early days of cloud computing.

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